Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch 40% vol 1 l

  • Hersteller Ballantine's
  • Artikelnr. Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch 40% vol 1 l
  • Verfügbarkeit Lagernd

Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch 40% vol 1 l is a premium blended Scotch whisky that offers a smooth and balanced taste. It is known for its rich and complex flavors, making it a favorite choice among whisky enthusiasts.


Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch is a renowned whisky brand that has been around for over a century. It is crafted using a unique blend of malt and grain whiskies, resulting in a harmonious and well-rounded flavor profile. The 40% alcohol by volume (ABV) adds a pleasant warmth to the whisky, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Flavor Profile

The flavor profile of Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch is characterized by notes of honey, vanilla, and floral undertones. These flavors are perfectly balanced with hints of oak and smoke, creating a delightful complexity on the palate. The smoothness of the whisky makes it enjoyable to drink neat or on the rocks, while also being a versatile choice for cocktails.

Production Process

Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch is made using a meticulous production process. The master blender carefully selects and blends different malt and grain whiskies to achieve the desired flavor profile. The whisky is then aged in oak casks, allowing it to develop its distinctive character over time. The result is a high-quality Scotch whisky that is loved by whisky connoisseurs worldwide.

Food Pairing

Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch pairs well with a variety of foods. Its smooth and complex flavors complement dishes such as grilled meats, aged cheeses, and chocolate desserts. The whisky's versatility also makes it a great choice for pairing with spicy or savory dishes, as it can help balance out the flavors and enhance the overall dining experience.


Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch 40% vol 1 l is a premium whisky that offers a delightful drinking experience. Its rich and complex flavors, meticulous production process, and versatility in food pairing make it a popular choice among whisky enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch is sure to impress with its smoothness and balanced taste.

Gelistet seit Mai 2011
Geschmacksrichtung leicht, ausgewogen, frisch, würzig
Herkunftsland Schottland
Marke Ballantine's
Produkttyp Scotch
Alkoholgehalt 40.0 %
Herstellungsrohstoff Gerste
Mengenangabe 1 l
Reifedauer 18 Jahre
  • 18,00€

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